Priorities vs. Inspiration

Sometimes I am torn between forcing myself to focus on what should be my priorities and allow myself to just write what inspires me. I didn’t understand the concept of a muse until I began writing fiction. Currently, my priority should be to polish the synopsis for my novel and write the query letter I will be sending out to the various literary agents I plan to solicit for representation. However, my muse has other ideas.

One thing I have found is that my writing is better if I follow my muse. If I try to force myself to write something that doesn’t inspire me at that moment, then the writing just isn’t as good. It’s often stilted and feels forced. Even my readers have picked up on this in the past when I’ve posted a chapter in a fan fiction story for the sake of trying to get a chapter posted, rather than for the sake of actually wanting to write it.

In my years working in the corporate world, prioritizing tasks and time management were critical to success. In writing, I am finding that following my inspiration and working on what my inner muse guides me towards is not only more rewarding but produces better results in the long run. I have to remind myself that I am no longer working towards a deadline but towards a well-written story.

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