Artifact of the Dawn – Novel Progress

I will admit, I am not the best at keeping my blogs regularly updated. I’d much rather write my novels than write blog posts.

To that end, I thought I could combine the two today and just give an update on the progress of my first novel, Artifact of the Dawn. That is the first novel in my Artifacts of Truth series. I handed my latest revisions to my beta readers just before November last year, so they could make sure I didn’t introduce any new inconsistencies into the story, along with making sure all of my changes made sense (I made extensive changes to the manuscript at that point).

When I completed NaNoWriMo, and most of the second novel in the series (Artifact of the Forgotten – title may change), I took time to review all the feedback from my beta readers. That led me to make some additional changes to Artifact of the Dawn before I handed the manuscript to a professional editor. I’m pleased to say that the editor found very few flaws to correct, and I chose to not make all the changes he suggested (one, in particular, is a stylistic choice).

The final stage is for the editor to do a final review after I accepted (or rejected) his changes and then I am ready to begin querying for a literary agent again. My manuscript is better and has a stronger opening than it did the last time I queried agents, so I’m hopeful that at least one will see the potential in this novel, and hopefully, in the entire series, I wish to write.

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