Working with a Professional Editor

This article is an update to a previous one I wrote last year, where I debated hiring an editor. As my more recent posts alluded, I did finally decide to work with one. Every write I spoke to advised that I should. Some even stated that it was impossible for a writer to self-edit. I still disagree with that sentiment and I believe that it’s important for a writer to be able to edit their own work, at least to a degree. I doubt an editor wants to slog through an unedited manuscript.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when my editor didn’t find any significant issues for me to fix. He felt my world and character-building was good, my pacing well-measured, and there were no inconsistencies or plot-holes. His largest edit was more of a proofreader’s change. I forgot to add spaces around my ellipses whenever I used them mid-sentence (oops!). I guess, the two years and ten rounds of self-edits I did paid off!

Choosing an Editor

Here are some tips from what I learned during my process of finding the right editor for me.

  • Make sure they are familiar with the genre you are writing in.
  • If possible, get them to share with you published works they have edited and check out the reviews online.
  • Compare prices between different editors, but keep in mind cheaper isn’t always better in this case.
  • If you cannot afford to pay an editor, is there perhaps some service exchange you can provide?
    • Some editors may be open to that, but don’t be rude if the editor you want to work with isn’t interested.
  • Talk to them and make sure you get along and don’t have any personality conflicts before you start working with them.

No matter where you are in the writing process, good luck!

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