Changing Focus

I have neglected this blog for a year while I worked out my priorities as a writer. While I continue to write articles, focusing on LGBTQ+ issues that I publish on Medium, I have devoted more energy to my fiction writing. So far, I have published four books under my pen name, Grayson Bell. Under that name, I’ve built a small but growing readership.

As Grayson, the books I’ve published so far have all been in the queer erotic romance category, so I had intended to publish my sci-fi novel under this name (G. L. Balend). However, I’ve decided that it would serve me best for all my fiction writing to be published under my pen name and continue forward with G. L. Balend as a writer of non-fiction.

However, I won’t remove my blog posts here that mention the sci-fi novel. It’s a work I’m proud I’ve written, regardless of which name it’s published under. If you’re one of my long-suffering readers waiting for this book to be published, I encourage you to follow my Grayson Bell blog to keep up with news and updates. I expect “Artifact of the Dawn” to be published in 2022.

I am still working out how to best utilize this blog to support my writing on Medium, so bear with me as I continue to revamp this space. I hope to maintain this blog a little more frequently than I have this past year (which was basically not at all… oops).

Happy New Year!

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