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Dittle Little Lion and Dittle Little Bear: The Adventure to Coconut Island

Follow along on the adventure with our intrepid little explorers, Dittle Little Lion and Dittle Little Bear as they set out on the high seas. In their first adventure, they come across a wonderful island filled with the best coconut treats they could ever dream of. Will you come and join them on their adventure?

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The Artifacts of Truth

The elves are an ancient race. Their history is mired in mystery and half-truths. They are intractable and embroiled in ancient traditions. Centuries ago, when the elves first encountered humans, a war between them became inevitable.

Since then, the elves and humans have forged a tenuous truce after a long and bloody war. Now the two races mostly try to avoid each and neither side wishes for renewed hostilities.

A freak rainstorm drives an elf and a human into a forbidden area deep in the forest that no one has entered since before the time of the war. The ancient technology they discover there will unravel everything they had ever known.

After theĀ adventures that led them to discover the truth behind the elves’ origins, Ardyn and Jevan find themselves on the other side of their world, living among the humans that had banished Jevan’s people for eight centuries. There Jevan makes a discovery that could shake the very foundation of human society as they know it.

Before Jevan can even share this discovery, he is brutally attacked. A xenophobic shadow organization reveals itself and appears desperate to keep the truth Jevan found from being widely known. Ardyn and Jevan try to survive while their entire world crumbles around them.